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Welcome to Valoti, this site is aimed to promote my music which I have written and produced. Most of my music would probably fall into the trance or techno Category, although I have written many other genres of music. My (very small) studio is home-based, and have been slowly expanding it for the last 8 years.

Now that I've accomplished my first mission and got you to my page, why don't you try listening to my music? Some of my music including my latest album 'Lost and Found' is available from the music section.

Valoti : Lost and Found Album Cover
Valoti : Lost and Found © 2002

To the left is my latest album, it is a 10-track album, all of the songs were written this year and last. For a full track listing please visit the music section. I also sometimes create remixes of commerical tracks in the chart, however I rarely get time to do this as I prefer working on my own material.