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This section contains some the music I've produced. Small parts of my first album 'Shadow of Light', along with most of my second album 'Lost and Found' can be downloaded here. The songs here at [valoti.com] are hosted at www.mp3.com/valoti.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found album cover Album : Lost and Found LP
Released : 2002
Label : none
Track 1 - Don't come back
Track 2 - Believe me
Track 3 - Brighter Nights
Track 4 - Away
Track 5 - Take me Higher
Track 6 - Sunset
Track 7 - Faded Dreams
Track 8 - Mystics
Track 9 - Delayed Reaction
Track 10 - Reason without Thought

Shadow of Light

Album : Shadow of Light LP
Released : 2000
Label : none
Track 1 - First Light [intro]
Track 2 - Transform me
Track 3 - Deep Echos
Track 4 - Out of my Sight
Track 5 - Far Senses
Track 6 - I need to Know
Track 7 - My way
Track 8 - Shadow of Light [remix]
Track 9 - Dreams
Track 10 - Dance to Experience

The songs which have Lo-fi and hi-fi buttons next to them mean the audio is going to be streamed. The idea being this should be for previewing the track. If you like it, you can download it in mp3 format by clicking on the button with an arrow pointing down. This will download on to your PC.
To listen to the music you'll need a program like Real One for streaming audio, and to play the mp3 files you'll need a good mp3 player such as winamp.