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29/10/02 : Within the next few days the Lost and Found LP will finally be avaliable to purchase on mp3.com. It will be priced at 7.98

20/10/02 : Reason without thought taken from 'Lost and Found' has been put up on mp3.com/valoti for download.

10/10/02 : Both Mystics and Don't come back have now reached the top 80 on the mp3.com trance chart!

02/07/02 : Believe me - also from the 'Lost and Found' album has been added to mp3.com/valoti.

13/05/02 : [Valoti.com] is launched.

07/05/02 : The song mystics has now been added to mp3.com/valoti from the 'Lost and Found' Album.

26/04/02 : don`t come back is now available to download from mp3.com/valoti